The Tulowitzki Saga Continues

Is it time for the Rockies to finally trade star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki?

For many months, Mets fans have essentially blown up Twitter in regards to a trade between the mets and Rockies and the possibility of landing Shortstop Troy Tulowitzki, but the idea never gained any steam, but that could all change within the next couple of days, though the Mets would only be one option of course. 

According to an article in the new York Post, Tulowitzki will consider asking the Rockies for a trade on Thursday. This brings up a few questions though, would he actually do it, would the Rockies go through with the request, and where would he go?

The Rockies are miserable right now, and have their backs against the wall, and if they want to get anywhere after losing 9 straight games, they are going to need to acquire better pitchers. That basically answers two questions right there because if either the Rockies, or Tulo want to win, they need to deal. The Rockies ERA only goes up and without offering a major piece such as Tulo, the team can not and will not be able to fare any better with whoever they may acquire, and the same goes for Tulo because as long as he stays with the Rockies, he literally has no playoffs in his future unless some miracle happens. 

So let's face it, if Tulo asks for the trade, both him, and the Rockies will be better off because there's the posibility of Tulo going to a first place team and also the possibiltiy of acquired pitchers helping the Rockies to win more games. Now comes the question of where would he go? In order to find a place for Tulo to go, you need two things, first you need a team that needs a better shortstop, but you also need a team that can afford to trade for him. Tulo will not go to a team that has one or the other because if a team has a need but not the players, the Rockies would never accept and if the team has the players but no need, then there's no point in asking for Tulo. 

However, finding a team that has both is very tough and interestingly enough, the Mets are just one of a few teams who both need an SS and can afford it, but what would the Mets have to give up to acquire him? The Mets have an excess amount of pitchers so if they were to give one away, the team wouldn't really feel it, but they can;t just give away any pitcher or else the Rockier wouldn't accept. The Mets have made it clear that they do not want to offer Noah Syndergaard in a trade, but with Steven Matz on the rise, it could be possible that Syndergaard does in fact get dealt, though Matz seems like a good fit for the Rockies. Alone, a Matz for Tulowitzki trade would immediately help both teams, but the Rockies would obviously want more, but who else can the Mets offer? 

Well, with Matz acting as the centerpiece, or maybe Syndergaard if it comes to it, the Mets would still have room to offer more pitchers and could easily afford to offer Rafael Montero to the mix, but why end there when there's still an excess? Pitching wise, the Mets could go as far as to offer Matz, Montero, and maybe Gee once he returns or maybe Niese instead. Actually, believe it or not, Gee doesn't do too bad at Coors Field and in 3 career starts there holds a 4.08 ERA while his career ERA is just below that at 3.86.

It's more than likely that the Rockies wouldn't want just pitching even though that's their main concern because they would want to at least make up for some of the talent that is lost with Tulos departure, and in adition to the three pitchers, it wouldn't be too much to offer both Kevin Plawecki and Matt Reynolds, with Reynolds easily being able to replace Tulo at Short. 

All in all, the Mets trading for Tulo still seems very unlikly, but only time will tell.