Why Aren't the Mets Hitting?

What must the Mets do to score some runs?

Even with the nice little cushion that the Mets got after winning 11 straight games earlier in the year, the team is now beginning to look a lot like they have the last couple of years, and it's not because of their pitching. The stuff that their pitchers are giving them is remarkable, it's the hitting that still needs to be worked on and even though Kevin Long had been able to greatly affect the team, it seems what he has done is starting to fade away for some reason.

The Mets even went on as far as to pull in the fences yet again but that seemed to have the opposite effect because the Mets now have 21 Home Runs in 34 games which over the course of the full season would put them on pace to hit exactly 100, yet the Mets managed to hit 125 home runs last season and this drought includes the addition of Miachael Cuddyer over Chris Young. So what gives? 

The home runs arent the only problem really, and really, you could say that the players performing the most are the ones you would expect to the least while it's the opposite for the big names. Just look at Flores, I was not expecting him to be on pace to hit roughly 20 home runs while I also wasn't expecting Duda to be on pace to hit less than 20.

Forget power, getting on base alone is a problem, the team batting average stands at .236 which is the 3rd worst in the National League and their On Base Percentage is at .303 and the two players with the highest averages are both on the DL but you can't blame them because the rest of the team has enough talent to suceed but it seems as though every other player is in a slump, and the 5th best average inlcuding both of the sidelined players is from a pitcher.

The Mets pitching is great, it's now at the point where they can consitintly give up 3 or 4 runs per game, which is really good especially since not even half of all MLB teams have an ERA under 4, but such good pitching means nothing if you're only scoring 1 to 2 runs per game and that seems to be what the Mets are doing. Pitching keeps you in games while offense wins games, but we're now at the point where if the Mets give up anything you need to panic because after just giving up one run if you aren't winning creates chaos because the outcome looks bleak. 

It's not like they can really do anything outside of the team, they won't trade or sign anybody big, and if the Tulo talks to end up going through and the Mets were to get Tulowitzki, then that would be a huge step in the right direction, but other than that, there's nothing that the Mets can do other than wait for players to come back from the DL and hope that some players can ride out their slumps.

Actually, in some cases it's not even slumps that mess the team up, there are people hitting, but even when the Mets tack on hits, it's usually in the wrong place, either it's with nobody on or somehow gets erased. Pitching is great and all but the Mets can't survive with the offense they have right now.