What's Up With Alex Castellanos?

Will Castellanos make his Mets debut soon?

Yes, this man plays in a hitters league, but his stats shouldn't be overlooked because the Mets might have something special in Alex Castellanos. Not only can he get on base a lot, he has an extreme amount of power and really needs a bigger stage to show it off.

He's already hit 8 home runs so far which is the most on the Las Vegas team and is tied for 4th most in the Pacific Coast League. To make things more interesting, of the 6 players to have 8 or more home runs, he has only had 93 at bats, the fewest of them. That translates to a home run every 11.6 at bats. Only the top two players, Jon Singleton and Preston Tucker have a better ratio.

Alex doesn't need a home run to score himself or others because he is very capable of getting other big hits as well and has scored 25 times and has 25 RBI's in 25 games, as well as the best OPS in the league which stands at 1.132, more than 100 points higher than anyone who has the same or more home runs than him.

What about when the ball doesn't leave the field? Then you can almost guarantee it will be at least a double as he has 9 doubles on the year as well as two triples, which are both outstanding numbers for 25 games, regardless of where you play. That means that of his 30 hits, 19 of them were extra bases, and exactly one third of his hits, or once every 2-3 games, were for at least 3 bases.

The only other power hitter to have more extra base hits has only 1 more in nearly 40 more at bats. Only 3 other big players have at least 19 XBH's, and not only did they all require at least 20 more at bats, the 3 of them combined to strikeout 28 times more than Alex, or an average of 9 extra K's per player.

Don't let his power fool you, he's not one of those players who hit a lot of home runs but strikeout a lot and have bad averages, of the top 10 home run hitters, Alex has the 4th most walks and the 2nd fewest strikeouts.

That's good enough for an outstanding .411 On Base Percentage. Alex also boasts a .323 batting average, numbers that I’m sure could translate into the majors. He also averages an outstanding ratio of .72 bases per at bat, a number that can’t be matched by any other top power hitters in the league and only by a few of the best players in the majors.

So why isn’t Alex in the majors yet? As an overall player, one could argue that he’s the best player in the league and that any team would have called him up by now, either to test him out as a starter or to have him come off the bench.

So why haven’t the Mets done that yet? It just so happens that their worst weakness right now is their outfield bench players. Kirk and Mayberry, their backup outfielders have the two worst batting averages on the team of any position player, and from recent outings it looks like they can only get worse. In fact, their averages are so low that three of the team’s starting pitchers have a better average than them.

Both kirk and Mayberry have real potential, but now we are at the point where there are players who have the same amount of potential, if not more, sitting around and waiting in line. Castellanos is a perfect example of this, he’s tearing it up in the minors while there’s players here who can barely get on base.

I’m not saying that he’s going to take someone’s starting job, but I would have already called him up and have had him on the bench by the first week in May. Heck, if you are going to call up a 3rd catcher, you might as well have called up a 3rd backup outfielder instead which would actually have solved a problem.