Who Is Joc Pederson?

Joc Pederson is probably a name that you have never heard before unless you are a Dodgers fan or had felt his wrath when the Dodgers player against your team. Pederson is a rookie who has a lot of potential, especially in the power department after a very strong first 6 weeks of the season.

He doesn't have the batting average to prove it, as he's hitting just .243, but he definetly can get on base and score, as his .401 On Base Percentage is the 12th best in the National League and his his 28 walks are the 3rd best in baseball, and hitting home runs is nreally what he's known for.

Right now Pederson has 10 home runs to his name which is the 5th best in baseball and in only 107 at bats which equates to a home run every 10.7 at bats, and has played in 34 games meaning that he could hit as many as 47 home runs this season if he keeps that ratio up. That's not as awesome as Nelson Cruz who has 15 home runs and is on pace for 70, but anyone who can hit 40 home runs is an All Star caliber player.

Let's not forget that Pederson is justa rookie and has shown huge improvements over last year when he played in 18 games for the Dodgers. Lats season he hit .143 with 0 home runs, but this year he's turning things around. Can he win rookie of the year? It's possible as there aren't that many players who can challenge him aside for Kris Bryant, and Alex Guerrero, and if Pederson can keep up his power and maybe increase is batting average by just a bit, we could see something similar to what we saw last year in Jose Abreu.

Could Pederson be the Center Fielder of the Future? When you look at all overall stats, he is actually the most well rounded Centerfielder in baseball right now. He leads all CF's in baseball in home runs with 10. Trout is just behind him with 9 and then Adam Jones with 6, he's tied for 2nd in RBI's with Mookei Betts just two behind Jones, and he has the 2nd best OBP, highest slugging, and highest OPS. Unfortunately, he also has the highest most strikeouts and 2nd highest caught stealing. Still, his production is amazing and he's only 23 years old meaning he could have a huge impact on the Dodgers either as a long term solution for the team or as a very powerful trade piece.