Will Records Fall?

Over the last couple of years as Major League Baseball Moved out of the steroid era, it began to look as though the era of the pitcher was beginning, however as we come to the end of the first quarter of the 2015 season, it looks as though there's been a lot more hitting than anyone could have predicted and if some players keep doing what they are doing, some records could easily fall. Let's take a look at some of them shall we?

Our first potential record breaker is Dee Gordon, 2nd Baseman for the Miami Marlins, who is playing remarkably well. His .426 batting average leads all MLB players and is nearly 60 points ahead of Adrian Gonzalez in 2nd place. If he can keep hitting, he will easily win the Batting Title and could probably finish the season with one of the highest batting averages that we have seen in a while. He's showing no signs of slowing down either because his average only goes up as over the last 6 games, he's batting .444. He has played in 32 of the Marlins 35 games and has recorded 58 hits, 10 more than anyone else.

2nd place in the NL is Gonzalez and he's on track to get 218 hits which alone is amazing, but Gordon with 58 so far is now on pace for 268, which would break the season record held by Ichiro Suzuki. Can he do it? Only time will tell. The last player to get 218 hits in a season in the N.L. was Jaun Pierre, so having two reach the feat in one year could be something special, not to mention there are 4 players in the AMerican League who are on pace for 222 hits.

Another record that could fall is the Home Run mark which could have a really big year in 2015. Gonzalez started off the year with a bang but cooled off slightly but others have rose to the ranks of power hitters. Todd Fraizer and Bryce Harper both have 12 home runs so far in less than a quarter of the year and are both on pace to hit 55 for the year. Since 2000, only 5 players have hit 55 home runs and here we could see multiple people hit that mark in the same year, and we also have Mark Texiera who is on track for 51. 

None of those 3 players mean anything though because there's one player who has gone above and beyond, and that player is Nelson Cruz who has already raked in 15 Home Runs. 15 in less than a quarter of a season is incredible. The Mariners have played 34 games so far, and after 34 games in 2001, Barry Bonds also had 15 home runs. As of right now, Cruz is on pace to hit 71-72 home runs and if it does get to that point, he could fight for the record.

Can either of these two record be broken? By the time the All Star break comes up, hopefully we can have a better picture of what we can epext, and maybe we can have a good show watching record fall.