Player Spotlight: Dee Gordon

What's going on with Dee Gordon? Over the last couple of weeks he has been playing like there's no tomorrow and it seems as if every day he only gets better. This is his 5th season in the majors, and last year he even made it to the All Star game but none of his past success can even match up with the numbers that he's putting up so far in 2015.

First lets look at his hits, which he's getting so many of. He already has 61 hits and the Marlins have only gone through 36 games, still quite some time left before we are a quarter done with the season. He has played in 11 games in May and in 6 of them he had 3 or more hits, which included 7 in his last 2 games and a 13 game hitting streak where he hit .555 over that span with 6 straight multi hit games.

If you want to talk about hits, let's compare him to Daniel Murphy from 2014 where at one point he lead in hits. After 53 games, Murphy had 18 multi hit games, inlcuding 4 with 3, and 1 with 4. Murphy led the league in hits for a while and had 67 after 53 games, Gordon has 61 in 33 played games. In 33 games, Gordon also has 18 multi hit games, which includes 8 3 hit games, 2 4 hit games, and a 5 hit game. 

Nobody has ever had that many hits so close to the start of the season, in 2004, the year Ichiro broke the record for hits in a season, he only had 44 after 33 games, he needed 43 games to reach 61 hits and never reached a .400 batting average even once during the season. When you look at Gordon's Batting Average, you can only be amazed because it doesn't want to drop, it hasn't been under .400 in over 2 weeks and now sits at .433, and the best batting average Gordon ever had before was .304 in his rookie year.

If he keeps this up there's no reason to believe he won't win the batting title and also break the record for hits in a year, which is something he can easily do if he keeps going like this. He has played in 33 of the Marlins 36 games and getting 61 hits in 36 games would allow him to finish the season with more than 270 hits while only playing in 145 games, so really, if Gordon plays in every single game from now on and doesn't slow down he could get nearly 300 hits.

Of course it's highly unlikely that he can keep up these kinds of numbers for another 120+ games, but he's built himself a nice little cushion so that he could slack off a bit and still reach points that only a few players have done before in terms of hits and average.

What else has Gordon done? Well he steals a lot, as well as gets caught stealing a lot. Gordon has been caught on the basepaths 7 times this year which is the most in the majors but also has 12 steals which is the 4th best mark. Gordon won the Lou Brock Award for most steals last year with 64 and could very well be on his way to another great season in that department. With his 12 steals through 36 games, he would be on pace to rack in more than 50 this year though he hasn't stolen a base in 8 games now which means he was on track for a lot more before (70) and seems to be in a stealing slump even though he's always on base.

Speaking of getting on base, hits aren't the only way that Gordon gets on as he also has 8 walks on the year which is enough for a .457 OBP, 3rd best in the majors, and thanks to 10 doubles and 2 triples, Gordon boasts a .989 OPS. 

Gordon is easily the best 2nd Baseman in baseball as well, there's no reason to believe why he won't start the all star game and win a major award at the end of the season because most of his stats are much better than most other 2nd Baseman.