Fan poll : Can the Chicago Cubs make the playoffs?

The Cubs are on a tear right now and sit in 2nd place in the NL Central just 4 games behind the Cardinals and are holding onto the first wild card spot, so really, it could be very easy for them to claim a playoffspot by the time October rolls in. Before the Cubs lost yesterday to the Pirates, they have won 6 straight while the Cardinals have lost 2 of their last 3 series. The Cubs should be able to claim a wild card spot but if both the Cubs and Cards keep up the way they are playing, there could be a new divisional leader in a couple of weeks or so.

It's all thanks to their pitching whih has been fantastic lately. Sure, there were a few games where they gave up a ton or runs, but over the lat 8 games, the Cubs gave up 3 runs or fewer in 6 of those 8 games, and then of course you have players like Kris Bryant to lead the offense. So it should be a no brainer that if the Cubs keep up playing like this, that they should be able to at least claim a wild card spot, and maybe much more.

The Chicago Cubs are currently second place in the NL Central. Expectations where high this year but they were curbed expectations. The Cubs are young team and nobody should be expecting them to win the World Series. 

With that said, it is not expected for them to make the playoffs. The Cubs are tied with the Nationals for the top spot in the Wild Card. The Cubs are serious contenders to make the playoffs. They have been playing solid but need to be consistent if they want to make it to the postseason. Click yes or no on the poll to tell us if you think the Cubs will make the playoffs or not! 

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