Bryce Harper is the Man of the Hour

There is no denying it, Bryce Harper is the hottest player in baseball right now, and quite possibly could be en route to one of the best hitting seasons you could see. Right now Harper leads the league in Home Runs with 14, thanks to hitting 9 in his last 11 games. He's just one Home Run behind Nelson Cruz for the best in the majors and with 14 in 39 games puts him on track for 58 for the year. Honestly, if he can keep up the production he's had over the past 2 weeks, he can easily go well beyond that.

Another category that Harper leads the league in is RBI's, just one ahead of Stanton for the MLB lead and 7 more than anybody in the American league. He's averaging just below 1 RBI per game, in fact, on average, he gets one RBI in every 3.5 at bats, which is insane. With this output, he could finish the season with 158 RBI's, and that combo of Home Runs and RBI's would greatly resemble Alex Rodriguez's best season, if not better.

Power isn't the only skill that Harper has, he also knows when he needs to take a pitch because he walked 36 times, which is the most of anyone in baseball. Harper has the 11th best batting average at .338, but with all of those walks, he has a .476 OBP which is the best in baseball and a whole 40 points higher than any player int he American league. Thanks to his insane amount of Home Runs and RBI's, Harper has a .729 Slugging percentage, which is again the best in baseball and is more than 30 points higher than Cruz.

What happens when you add all those categories together? You get a whopping 1.206 OPS. let's go back to Rodriguez for a minute, he lead the league in OPS twice yet never reached 1.100. A 1.206 OPS would place this season as the 21st biggest OPS season ever, and it just so happens that 11 of those 21 seasons would belong to Barry Bonds and babe Ruth.

What could be more interesting than all that? What about his 2.7 Batting Wins Above Replacement through 39 games? Now that is a number that is truly unbelievable. A WAR of 10 or more has only been reached 55 times in history and just two of them have been reached by players who are still active and only 6 times in the last 15 years. A WAR of 11 or more has only been reached 20 times with Barry Bonds being the last person to reach the feat in 2001 and 2002.

The last time a player reached a WAR of 12 was in 1967 and it's only been done 5 times, with Babe Ruth holding the top WAR of 14 as well as the 2nd and 3rd best. How good is Harper when it comes to WAR? A 2.7 WAR through 39 games would put him at 11.2 for an entire season, which would put him as one of the 20 best in baseball.

If Harper plays in every single game like he has, he's going to have well over 700 appearances this season, and if he can keep up what he has these last few weeks, that should be more than enough to re write some record books.