Does Niese Still Belong in the Mets Rotation?

Is Niese even worth being a starter for the Mets anymore? I'm not just talking about his contract, which by itself seems outrageous now, but with all the talent, does he even deserve to finish this season with the team? I was always a fan of Niese, ever since he first came up and I thought he could have big days ahead of him, which he has, but now it looks like he's at the point where he will have a few good stretches followed by even more bad ones.

Just look at what he has done over his last two starts, when he came into the game against the Cubs, his ERA was below 2 and now ots nearly at 4. At one point, he was the best pitcher on the team, heck, he even led the team in strikeouts a couple of times, but ever since he got his contract, a big one at that, it seems as though he's been slacking a lot.

We pretty much saw the same thing last season, half way through May Niese had a similar ERA that was around 2 and then he just imploded. He's not consistent anymore, like Colon or even Gee, and that will be his downfall.

I'm a huge fan of Niese, but with the combination of price tag, skill, and minor league talent, I think we will be better off with someone else in that spot. Don't get me wrong, Niese had a very good career thus far in nearly 10 years on the team, and is 14th on the Mets all time win list and is even close to the top in terms of left handed pitching. However, id much rather see Niese in the bullpen than as a starter, too bad he's one of the most expensive pitchers on the team.

What are your thoughts? Forget about whether or not he'll be on the team next season, should he still be on the team once August rolls around?