Mets Hope to Hit with Muno

The New York Mets have called up Daniel Muno with the hopes that he can help boost the Mets offense which has been quite weak lately and have sent down backup backup catcher Jhonny Monell. This comes after Monell went 9 straight games without getting a hit. In 11 games in the majors this season, Monell hit .67 with a .258 OPS. Muno on the other hand had been doing much better, both in the minors and in the majors. 

Muno had one stint in the majors earlier this year with the Mets and played 4 games before being sent back down to Triple A. During those 4 games, his batting average was .167. That batting average is much better than what Monell did, but still quite bad, but once he was sent back down, it looks as though he had been getting ready for his re debut. During both stints in the minors this season, Muno is hitting .280 with 7 doubles and 12 RBI's in exactly 100 at bats, which are really good numbers for someone who is mainly going to be a backup unless something happens to one of the starters.

Hopefully having Muno on the team can spur some life into the Mets. Of course, having a decent player who's only going to have an at bat every now and then wouldn't really be able to do much, but every little bit helps when you are the Mets.