Player Spotlight: Jose Bautista

After a pretty bad start to the 2015 season, it looks like Jose Bautista has finally begun to get things back on track after having a tremendous May. By the end of April, Bautista was hitting just .164 but after hitting .282 in May had been able to get his average up to .230, and boasted a .402 OBS and .500 Slugging during the month.

Bautista has 30 RBI's for the year which puts him on pace for more than 110 for the season which includes 17 for the month. Bautista does seem to be losing some power, having only been able to hit 2 Home Runs thus far in May, though most of those lost Home Runs have been converted into doubles as he has 9 doubles in his 24 games this month, a rate that would put him at 60 for a full season. 

He's slowly working his way up the leaderboards and can soon return to being one of the best hitters in the game, and right now his .843 OPS is the 38th best in baseball. His 30 RBI's are good for the 20th most, his 29 Runs scored are 17th best, and only one other American League player had walked more than him, good for 4th in the majors, with 31 walks.

Right now through 42 games, Bautista has hit 7 Home Runs which would put him on pace for at least 25 for the season, though 5 of the 7 came in April. His at bats per Home Run ration went from 12 in April to 39 in May, but as long as he can stay healthy there's no reason to believe that he won't reach 20 by the end of the season.

Even if he doesn't hit as many Home Runs as he used to, his average and OBP, as well as extra base hits in general will continue to rise and can make for a pretty interesting season in the long run. In 2014, over the course of 553 at bats, Bautista had 62 extra base hits, or one every 8.9 at bats. So far this season, Bautista has 19 in 174 at bats, which puts him at one every 9.1 at bats which isn't a bad drop, and in May, he has averaged one XBH every 6.5 at bats meaning that he ha the potential to do very well for the rest of the season.