Player Spotlight: Lucas Duda

Is there anything that Lucas Duda can't do? When the season first started he was incredible, he was always getting on base and hitting doubles left and right, but that was before he started slacking off a bit. By the time May rolled around, Duda only had two Home Runs and by halfway through May, his batting average was around .280, but then everything seemed to change recently.

Throughout the season we have seen a few amazing streaks, we saw one from Harper and one from Cruz, and it looks like this one could match up with the likes of them. Hitting 6 Home Runs in 7 days isn't something that you see every day, and its exactly what Duda did, and if you ask me, Duda isn't done with his success. He managed to bring his season Home Run total up to 9 and if he can keep up his rate he can easily hit 30 Home Runs this season like he has last year or maybe he could even hit more.

Duda has brought his batting average above .300 again, which is really good, and even more so since he has hit over .260 once in his career. When you compare him to other 1st Basemen, he is one of the best, and that's still including his few weeks of slumping meaning that he can continue to grow and become one of the best.

He used to be a beast at hitting doubles and at one point was on track to finish the season with 60 but with most of his longballs now becoming Home Runs, it looks like he wont have nearly as many but can still finish with a very good 30 to 40, and its only a matter of time before he finds a spot on the list of potential All Stars.