Is There Anything Colon Can't Do?

If it hasn't become obvious yet, Bartolo Colon is somehow the best. He threw 7 inning in todays win against the Marlins and with that is now the first NL pitcher to win 8 games and is tied with Felix Hernandez for the most wins in the majors. But wins are just one of many surprises that Colon managed to pull out of nowhere so far this season.

For some reason, it seems that Colon is getting on base every day now, and an RBI Double today is the latest accomplishment in his epic hitting streak which now brings his batting average to .143 for the season. Colon's goal for the season was to get 3 hits, and his Double was the 3rd of 2015, and it's not even June yet. His season high for hits in a season is 6 and it looks like he could be well on his way to matching that. Speaking of season highs, Colon now has 3 RBI's which matches his previous season high from 2002, and it looks like he's going to get more from now on.

On the pitching side of the ball, Colon was great yet again, having given up 3 runs on 6 hits which brough his ERA down to 4.72. If it hadn't been for two bad starts in mid May, Colon's ERA would have been below 3.5. Colon only threw 2 strikeouts but didn't give up a walk in 7 innings which keeps his season walk total at 5. That's right, 5 walks, which includes 9 straight innings without one dating back to his last outing. Colon is also one of the most durable pitchers in all of MLB, and has now thrown 68.2 innings. Only 8 pitchers in all of baseball have thrown more innings, and only 3 of them are in the National League. The 8 pitchers ahead of him for most innings average out for more than 16 walks each. Of all the pitchers who have thrown at least 65 innings (22) no other pitcher has fewer than 10 walks, and if you were to rank all pitchers based on walks, more than 280 pitchers would have more walks than Colon.

What Colon is doing with Walks is truly amazing, and he's on pace to finish the season with no more than 15, while Niese, Degrom, Harvey, and Andres Torres already average 13, and in the last 5 season, a Mets pitcher finished with at least 40 walks 22 times.

Colon does have to thank the Mets offense today or he wouldn't have notched his 8th win in the 4-3 victory. Sure, Colon himself did have a hand in the offense, but if it weren't for Flores who is on a tear, the Mets might not have been able to avid the sweep. In the first inning, Flores reached on an error which had scored Duda to start the game 1-0 and later in the third, Flores hit his 8th Home Run of the season. The other run had been driven in by Tejada in the 7th on a double.

With his Home Run, Flores is now 1 behind Duda for the team lead and one again leads all MLB Shortstops in the category. He now sits in 4th place for most RBI's by a Shortstop, just 2 behind Starlin Castro and of the 30 Shortstops with at least 100 at bats, only 5 have fewer strikeouts than him. Daniel Murphy went 1 for 4 and argubly had one of the best months alongside Duda and Flores. His batting average increased by nearly 80 points after finishing April below .200 and hit .333 in May with an OBP of nearly .400.

The Mets lost the series to the Marlins 1-2, but thankfully the Nationals didn't do any better and were swept by the Reds in 3 games. Not to mention the Nats won 2 out of 3 in the series before that against the Cubs while the Mets swept the Phillies in that same span meaning that over the past 7 games, the Mets have gained 2 games over the Nationals. The Mets and Nationals now both have 28 wins and the Mets are half a game back for the lead. The Mets are also 2 games behind the Giants for the 2nd Wild Card spot, who they will play three games against when the Mets come back to Citi Field a week from Tuesday. 

Starting tomorrow, the Mets will play 7 games on the west coast with 3 against the Padres and 4 against the Diamondbacks. Both of those teams make up 3rd and 4th in the NL West and are both below .500 and should be easy targets for the Mets, especially with Degrom and Syndergaard starting off the series, and Gee making his re-debut. The series in Arizona should line up to see Harvey, Niese, Colon, and Degrom.