ZX Sports N.L. Pitcher of the Month

Who was the best N.L. Pitcher of the Month? Here are the 5 top pitchers who are competing for a spot at the top.

A.J. Burnett played 6 games in the month and went 5 and 0. He's pitched to a 1.82 ERA and threw 39 strikeouts in 39.2 innings, alongside 13 walks.

Max Scherzer went 5 and 1 in his 6 starts and pitched to a 1.67 ERA while throwing an amazing 56 strikeouts in 43 innings and only issuing 6 walks.

Jon Lester went 4 and 1 in 6 starts with a 1.76 ERA and threw 37 strikeouts in 41 innings with 12 walks.

Cole Hamels went 4 and 2 in 6 starts with a 2.7 ERA and threw 44 strikeouts in 43.1 innings with 9 walks.

Jacob Degrom went 3 and 1 in only 5 starts with a 2.16 ERA. he threw 40 strikeouts in 33.1 innings and only issued 6 walks.

So who is it going to be?

The winner of the ZX Sports N.L. Pitcher of the Month will be


In his 6 starts, Scherzer had been amazing. His 56 strikeouts in 43 innings equates to a K/9 Ratio of 11.7 and 56 K's to 6 BB's is an elite ratio. His .91 WHIP is also legendary as of the 50 pitchers with the most innings thrown in the month, only 4 have a lower WHIP. Of those same 50 pitchers, only 6 of them have a lower Batting Average Against. In each of his last 4 starts, Scherzer had given up 1 of fewer starts and had 4 double digit strikeout games throughout the month, after having none in April. Throwing 56 strikeouts in 6 games would put Scherzer on pace for more than 150 for a full season. It's a no doubter as to why this man is the Pitcher of the Month.

Here are some of the pitching leaders for the month of May in the national league *Minimum 30 Innings





A.J. Burnett (5)

Shelby Miller (.95)

Max Scherzer (56)

Shelby Miller (.68)

Max Scherzer (5)

Zack Grienke (1.05)

James Shields (47)

Zack Grienke (.82)

Madison Bumgarner (4)

Ryan Vogelsong (1.14)

Fransisco Liriano (45)

Jason Hammel (.83)

Bartolo Colon (4)

Aaron Harang (1.62)

Cole Hamels (44)

Jacob DeGrom (.87)

Cole Hamels (4)

Max Scherzer (1.67)

Jake Arrieta (42)

Max Scherzer (.91)

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