ZX Sports N.L. Rookie of the Month

The National League has seen quite a surplus in star rookies this season, you have Joc Pederson who is one of just 5 players in all of baseball with 16 Home Runs, and you have Kris Bryant who has the 13th most RBI's in the National League, but the real winner is Noah Syndergaard of the Mets who put on a real show in May, that was much better to watch than what Bryant put on.

Syndergaard was unbelievable in May, both on the mound and off it as well in his first 4 career starts. He went 2-2 witn an ERA of 1.82. Of all pitchers who threw at least 20 innings in the month, only 12 had a better ERA. In his 24.2 innings, SYndergaard threw 22 strikeouts and gave up 5 walks. Syndergaard already has the 5th most strikeouts by any National League rookie, with most of them coming in just this one month.

No rookie pitcher had better numbers than Syndergaard, and that's only talking about his pitching. When it comes to hitting, Syndergaard can be just as good and by the end of May, he was hitting 4 for 10, or .444 which is an amazing batting average for a pitcher, regardless of how few at bats they might have. What makes this an even better accomplishment is the fact that one of those 4 hits was a Home Run. He's only been in the majors for less than a month and he's one of just 4 pitchers to hit a Home Run.

It will be hard to find another rookie who had a better month of May than Syndergaard, he was just amazing from start to finish.