Chris Heston Shocks America

I'm pretty sure that nobody would have ever seen this coming, nobody would have really thought that a rookie could pitch a complete game no hitter, especially one who had been pitching quite poorly up until that point. But it happened, by a 27 year old Giants rookie making his 13th career start against the Mets at Citi Field.

In his first 11 starts of the season, Heston had given up 1 run or fewer in 6 of those games and at one point had his ERA below 0.9, unfortunately in his other 5 starts he had given up at least 5 or more earned runs. Heston does have it in him but is just really inconsistent, in his last 5 starts before last night he had failed to make it through 4 innings twice yet threw at least 7 innings twice with a complete game. Even with his no hitter, he is 1-1 in 2 June starts with a 3.55 ERA.

Last night was just the 2nd time he had thrown more than 6 strikeouts in a game, and both times were in his complete games and were at least 10. Heston required 110 pitches to get through the game, two shy of his season high and had only needed to face 29 batters. In his other complete game, he also faced only 29 batters though had given up two hits, one of which was a Home Run. Heston performed so well that if his control was just a bit better, there's no doubt that he would have gotten the perfect game.

He didn't give up a single walk all game but did hit 3 batters, after only hitting 2 in his previous 65 innings this season. Nonetheless, Heston was amazing and was able to bring his ERA to its lowest point in almost a month.