Player Spotlight: David Price

There's no way you can argue it, David Price is on fire right now. He's one of the best pitchers in baseball as of late and probably the best in the American League. If he doesn't win Pitcher of the Month for the American League in June, I don't know who will. In his last 3 starts, he's only 2-1 but over his last 5 starts his ERA had dropped in each of those starts and went from 3.4 on May 16th to 2.44 as of now. During each of those 5 starts he had given up 2 runs or fewer which included 3 games of 1 run or less and over that span, his ERA stands at an astonishing 1.14.

Once you get to his most recent 2 starts, the numbers tend to get even crazier, so far in June he has played 2 games and in both of them had gone the full 9 innings. Back to Back Complete Games, and along with another Complete Game in May, Price has 3 Complete Games this season. This is just the 3rd time Price ever had 3 Complete Games in a season and the most in a season for him was 4. Let's not forget that on his first outing of the season he threw 8.2 Shutout innings but couldn't finish the game.

His Back to Back Complete Games include one where he gave up 1 run and then he followed that with his first Shutout of the season and his first shutout since April 24th, 2012. He only needed 93 pitches to notch the Shutout on Friday. That's just the 2nd time all season that Price threw less than 100 pitches in a game, though the other time, he didn't make it past the 3rd inning. That's just the 2nd time since the start of last year that Price threw less than 100 pitches in an outing of 6 innings or more. Going a full 9 innings on less than 100 pitches is a feat in itself yet it's more interesting because Price gave up 7 hits over the 9 innings, the 3rd most hits he's allowed in a game this season, meaning that he was even more conservative with his pitches than you might think.

In his 18 innings in June, Price boasts a 0.50 ERA, 19 strikeouts, and just two walks. Thanks to his 2 insane games this month, Price now has the 4th best ERA in the American League, 6th most strikeouts, and the 7th lowest WHIP. When you are talking about the month of June, 8 pitchers in the Majors have more strikeouts than him, though all but one of them have played an extra game, and of the 135 pitchers to throw at least 10 innings, only Gerrit Cole has a better ERA. When it comes to Walks, more than 150 pitchers have issued more than Price in June.

As of now, the Tigers have only played 62 games meaning that Price could still pitch another 20 games to prove how awesome he really is. Forget what he's done over the last two games, if you take his 2015 averages, he's on pace to do big things. He has thrown the 2nd most innings in all of baseball and over the course of a full season could hit 240 innings, which is something he's only done once before, last season. His K/9 Ratio isn't as high as it could be, like last years, but Price could easily match up for at least 210 strikeouts. and if all goes well, Price could finish the season with a record that looks something along the lines of 17-4 with an ERA under 2.7.