Thor Pitches Best Game of Career

Sure, there had been two other games where Noah Syndergaard had given up 1 run and another game where he gave up 0, but this start of his was clearly a gem.

In terms of scoring, a Home Run in the first inning to Jose Bautista was all that he allowed, aside for that inning in which Syndergaard used up more than 30 pitches, he was stellar and need just about 70 to get through his next 5 innings.

He struck out everyone he could and just two starts after striking out a career high 10, he matched that in the 6th inning and then beat it by 1. He brought his K/9 ratio to roughly 10, which is even higher than Degrom and only gave up 1 hit after the Home Run, the fewest hits he has ever allowed in a start.

In the bottom of the 6th, an error, a sac bunt by Noah, and two doubles helped the Mets take the lead before the Bullpen comes in.
Sure, there had been