David Wright Needs to Be the Mets Leadoff Hitter

For most of the season, Curtis Granderson had been the go to guy when it comes to leading off a game, but is that where he belongs? Yes, he hit .260 in that spot, better than he had in any other spot, but his production is being affected by it. He hit 26 Home Runs when batting lead off with most of them being solo shots which is why you need him batting a bit lower in the order in order to convert some of those solo shot into 2 runs or more. But who would hit first if Curtis moved down? The answer is David Wright.

Let's be honest with ourselves, Wright isn't the power hitter he was before, he only averaged one Home Run every 35 Plate Appearances. This is a much better ratio than he had last season, but it's his third worst season ever in terms of Plate Appearances per Home Run. It's not just bombs that have been affected, he had gone from averaging one extra base hit per 12 PA in 2011 to one in every 15 last season and this season.

He will still be productive, but he is at the point in his career where he is better in other aspects than he is at power, and one aspect is hitting and getting on base, which is what a good lead off hitter is all about. Wright is still hitting very well, belting a .289 BA last season and thanks to a multitude of walks, he had the highest OBP on the team and had he played the full season, he would have had one of the 10 best OBP numbers in all of baseball. That's the kind of guy you want in the lead off spot, someone who gets on a lot but doesn't offer too much power and Wright would be perfect for this spot because he could easily keep up a .280-.300 Average alongside 60 or so walks.

Let's not forget that Wright happens to play better the higher up in the order he is. When Wright bats fourth, he hit .276, while he hit .297 batting second, which is where he was most of the season.